Robert is a certified psychotherapist and bodycoach educated from Body SDS. Furthermore, Robert has, through the past 18 years, attended numerous seminars that focus on the body and mind.

Robert is considered one of leading practitioners in his field and has clientele spans across a wide range of international celebs. Through his own battles with life, Robert has experienced going through a breakdown and coming out stronger on the other side. Today he has taken complete control of his life and helped many people do the same. One of his strongest messages is, that faith can move even the biggest of mountains.

Through the right mix of therapeutic treatment, physical training, nourishment, as well as the correct assortment of vitamins and minerals, Robert helps people regain their balance in life.

In his work with professional athletes, musicians, actors, etc. – Robert has learnt the pressures these people undergo to consistently deliver 100% perfect performances each time. To achieve this, all aspects, including body, physique, head and mind have to be aligned and in balance.

This is just as true for everyone else who has to perform at work, attend to a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, their kids, the home, etc. The same balance and alignment is needed in everyday life in order to stay positive and exultant.

"Through the use of VITAVIVA’s products over a longer period of time – I have, as well as my clients, experienced it to be easier to accomplish my goals of achieving and maintaining an overall balance in life.” “For many people, it is necessary to, first of all, cleanse the body entirely in order to achieve balance. Thereafter, they need to reach the optimal mix of vitamins and minerals, something that is extremely difficult to attain through a regular diet. This is why it is essential – depending on the type of person you are – to take in the right nourishment that benefits your body the best."

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Vitamins, minerals and herbs are vital in order to achieve the optimal build of energy before a workout and the best restitution after a workout.

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