Alcohol Coach

After having studied psychology, philosophy, and finance, Carl Christian finally found his calling as an Alcohologist.

Carl Christian has functioned as Program Coordinator and Senior Advisor, for more than 10 years, at some of the most acclaimed treatment centers for alcoholics and substance abusers in Denmark. He has furthermore been a regular speaker at various seminars.

In 2007 Carl Christian founded the company and in November he opened his first clinic in a town in north Zealand called Helsingør, and later he opened his second clinic in Copenhagen.

Carl Christian is furthermore author of the Danish book “Drikker jeg for meget” (translated: Do I drink too much?) and has participated as a substance and alcohol abuse counselor in the Danish TV series program, “The Last Round”, broadcasted on the national television station, TV2. Throughout this program Carl Christian helped addicts confront the realities of their addiction and prepare them for rehabilitation treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Vitaviva
When a person is "abstinent" from a given substance, studies show that via brain scans, you are able to track an excessive brain activity in areas that control the hunger part of the brain. When people make irrational decisions in this condition, it can be compared with what humans are essentially capable of, when they are experiencing severe starvation. The two scenarios compare in the sense that people push their boundaries extensively in order to meet the brain’s needs.

Having worked professionally with addiction since 1994, as well as having overcome his own battles with alcohol dependence, Carl Christian recommends the use of supplements for people recovering from alcohol and/or substance abuse. Taken in the correct dosages, certain supplements can have the ability of limiting the seductive and destructive need for stimulants. Other supplements give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to help heal its internal organs and to make you stronger so that you can live a fulfilled and substance-free life.



Amino 2 Gram:
2 x 2 (Eg. 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening)

Omega 3 1000 mg:
3 x 2 (3 capsules in the morning, 3 capsules in the evening)

VitaExtra multivitamin:
2 x 2 (Eg. 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening)

 Vitamin B-125 Complex, slow release:
1 x 1 (Either in the morning or in the afternoon)

Pau D'Arco:
3 x 2 (3 capsules in the morning, 3 capsules in the evening)

Psyllium HUSK
(1 scoop mixed with water, juice or e.g. yoghurt.)

Total price, including a 10% discount 129,74 €