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    Herb used for respiratory problems, especially asthma, and bronchitis. Expectorant and muscle relaxing. Antipyretic. Soothens cough and colds. Best for external use.

    Nucleic acid of the purine type. Lowers the amount of fat in the blood and increases metabolism and endurance.

    Substance similar to vitamin B. Part of the lecithin molecule. Important in metabolism. Deficiency symptoms: High cholesterol level, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, insomnia, skin-and hair problems, eye disease, and sterility.
  • IODINE (I)

    Iodine is a vital trace element whose primary function is to be a constituent of the thyroid hormone. Prolonged iodine deficiency may result in the development of struma and severe neural dammage.
  • IRON (FE)

    Iron is an important part of the red blood cells (constituent of hemoglobin), where it is involved in the transportation of oxygen and carbondioxide. The immune system and various enzymes also need iron to function.