Fo-ti-tieng - Hydrocotyle asiatica minor

Beverage made from the pulverized root of the plant Herba hydrocotyle asiatica minor and guru nuts. Guru nuts contain caffeine and the beverage can replace tea and coffee as a stimulant against tiredness.

Fo-ti-tieng originally comes from China and India where the plants grow. The herb became famous because of the Chinese herb specialist Li Chung Yun who is said to have lived from the year 1677 to 1933.

Apart from eating ginseng, he consumed the herb daily and from this herb, a substance, "vitamin X", was isolated. This substance proved to have an amazing regenerative effect on the brain cells and the endocrine glands.

Fo-ti-tieng also has a high mineral content and probably contains substances that are similar to ginseng in their effect, since its content of caffeine is too small to explain its stimulating effect.