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    Caused by pooling of liquid from the bloodstream in body tissues, resulting from imbalance in the body's salt/water balance or poor circulation. Liquid can pool in the legs, abdominal cavity, or lungs. Can be seen in heart-, liver-, and kidney disease.


    An advancing degenerative suffering in the weight-bearing joints. It is primarily the cartilage that is being worn down. A genetic predisposition and wrongly - and too little - use of the joints also play a role in the progression of osteoarthritis.

    A bone disease affecting particularly post-menopausal women. The bones become porous because of decalcification and easily break. The suffering is recognized by the characteristically curved spine and the many bone fractures, and can be very painful.

    A disproportionately large accumulation of fat in the body's connective tissues. A condition where the body over a period of time has received more calories than it has been able to burn and therefore has deposited this surplus energy as fat.