Junk food causes scurvy

A medical journal tells the story of a 5-year-old boy who refused to eat anything but long-life cakes, pizza, biscuits, and water for 5 months. The result was that the boy developed scurvy - and, indeed, the story is from July of the year 2000.

The boy resembled any other normal boy, playing and growing normally; however, he refused to eat fruit, vegetables, and vitamins, and drink fruit juice.

At one time, the boy started to limp and he was diagnosed with anaemia. His gums also started swelling, he was in pain, and small purple dots appeared all over his skin. At one point, his pains were so violent that he could not get out of bed or walk on his own.

The body was examined for leukaemia and other sufferings. Finally, he was diagnosed with scurvy as a result of his unusual diet.

During the course of a week in which the boy was given vitamin C every day, his symptoms faded out.

The vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy, apparently, is not just something we can read about in history books. It can still affect people who eat impoverished food. Particularly exposed individuals are homeless people, alcoholics, people with mental problems, and people who go through long-lasting unbalanced special diets.

The authors of the article on the 5-year-old boy round off by reminding us that an investigation of nutrition-related diseases should continue to be an important part of the health care of all children.